Rhonda White starts as Ministry of Pastor Formation and Education Co-Ordinator

Rhonda White starts as Ministry of Pastor Formation and Education Co-Ordinator

Rev. Dr Rhonda White has started a new role as Ministry of Pastor Formation and Education Co-Ordinator. 

The position sits within the Vital Leadership team and has responsibility for supporting, resourcing, and equipping the development and formation of the Ministry of Pastor positions across the Synod of NSW and the ACT. 
“It is a strongly collaborative role working with Presbyteries and Agencies around accreditation and engagement and with the Pastor’s themselves around their educational and formation needs,” Rev. Dr White said. 

“The Ministry of Pastor is a Lay Specified Ministry in the Uniting Church and is the title given to the role of a lay person may undertake in the UCA.” 
“There are some pre-requisites (Core Competencies) but most of the training and formation of pastors is done in the role and is role specific. Not all pastor roles have the term “pastor” in their title nevertheless it designates a particular relationship of accountability to the Church.”  

“As the church responds to the communities around us, our ministry needs are also changing. Pastors are called in to ministry for a specific time and place, exercising and developing their gifts for ministry within a specific context. The Ministry of Pastor is a growing edge of our church and an opportunity for congregations, Presbyteries, and Agencies to address changing ministry needs.” 
“Pastors may be chaplains, youth workers, educators, community development workers, creative directors…The possibilities are exciting.” 

Information about the Ministry of Pastor can be found in the Handbook on the Synod website. 


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