Resurrection Year

Resurrection Year

Sheridan Voysey, Thomas Nelson

This is an intimate account of a couple’s search for spiritual solace in the wilderness, for answers where there seemed to be none, for hope when everything seemed hopeless.

It is also the memoir of broadcaster and writer Sheridan Voysey and his wife Merryn.

Resurrection Year is a thoughtful account of 12 years spent in the wilderness, as a couple searches for the reasons why they cannot conceive a child they desperately want, and the beginning of an adventure together as they search for a new dream.

Full of wisdom and insight, Voysey’s conversational account of the pain and spiritual doubt associated with letting go of a long-held dream, gives way to the beginning of new adventures and God’s blessing and provision.

For those who heard Voysey on the syndicated radio program “Open House”, and then listened as he handed over the reins suddenly to Leigh Hatcher, this book explains the heartache behind those hard decisions.

At the centre of this book is a story of a couple who, despite their pain, remain committed to one another and their life together; who remain committed to their relationship with God, who, despite His silence, never seemed absent.

As Voysey recounts, the biblical wilderness is “a place of trial, of restlessness, of provision, of discovery, of change and of transition” and ultimately a “new beginning”.

There is healing and wisdom in this book, and the best part about it is the journey continues; there are no pat answers and spiritual revelations, just honesty and love.

Like many journeys of discovery, it seems the Voyseys’ has just begun.

Adrian Drayton


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