Quakers Hill Uniting Church: Encouraging and Empowering Young Adults

Quakers Hill Uniting Church: Encouraging and Empowering Young Adults

Mark Watson is the new Youth and Young Adults Worker at Quakers Hill Uniting Church, a role funded by the Synod’s growth fund. Insights spoke to Mr Watson about his new role and where he sees God at work in young people and his congregation. 

Mr Watson has held the role for the past five months, and said he has, “amazing opportunities to work with incredible young people.”  
“I get to lead evangelistic and discipleship programs which is great,” he said. 
“But what is even better, is that I get to encourage and empower young adults (and some older youth) to lead in these programs as well.” 

For Mr Watson, day-to-day activities include playing werewolves, eating lollies, talking about Jesus, checking in on one other, asking and answering questions about the Bible, and occasional games of Fortnite

“Recently, I had the privilege of preaching at church, as well as coordinating a youth-led Easter service, which was an awesome celebration of our risen Saviour,” Mr Watson said. 

“I see team building and leadership development as a large part of my role. I’ve been able to make some initial progress in those areas over the last five months.”  

“I am passionate about seeing the church foster a welcoming, inclusive, and safe place for youth. I want to give young people the opportunity to hear about a loving God who cares deeply for every person and who desires to see everyone come into His presence.” 

“On top of that, I feel that young adults haven’t always been a priority for the wider church in general, so I am super encouraged that Quakers Hill Uniting Church (QHU) are committing energy and resources towards young adult ministry.” 

“As a trained pastor with experience with youth and young adults, I saw this role as a huge opportunity to use my gifts and skills to help these extraordinary young people grow in their love, experience, and knowledge of Jesus.” 

The Youth and Young Adults Worker role is funded and made possible by the Synod’s Growth Fund’s Strategic Grant, which Mr Watson described as an investment in young people’s lives.  

“This role was made possible with some resourcing from Synod, providing the means for the youth programs to continue to grow and flourish,” he said. 

“It also creates an opportunity for investment into the lives of youth and young adults through new and exciting initiatives.” 

Mr Watson said that there is a lot going on that he looks forward to.  

“Every day I look forward to spending time with the current crew of legends,” he said. 
“There is a wealth of wonderfully gifted young people whom I get to spend time with discussing life and faith and it is a blessing each time we get together.” 

“On top of this, there are fantastic and passionate leaders involved in the youth and young adult ministry who are faithfully serving in this way. I am working closely with the team to develop our current programs and there are some exciting new initiatives just around the corner also.” 

“There’s a new youth and young adult hub being established in a church owned property, which will be an epic space for the young people to gather.” 

“Our current fortnightly-run programs are being developed so they can be running every week.”  

“I am working with our night church team, to develop the two distinct night services that run every second month, into a cohesive and regular night service serving the youth and young adults.” 

“There are other opportunities I am exploring including evangelistic outreach opportunities, youth Alpha events, live music events, faith community expressions, and a large outdoor development.”  

 “God is at work at Quakers Hill Uniting Church. The church community are inspired and driven by faith in Jesus, and it shows through the passionate service, enthusiastic teamwork, and overall heart to love others as we have been first loved by God.” 

“It is a privilege to work at this church, and it is an absolute blessing to see God move in the hearts of the youth and young people.” 

This role was made possible by the Strategic Grant available from the Synod Growth Investment Fund. There are three tiers of grants in the Synod Growth Investment Fund and the Strategic Grant appilcations have closed for 2024. For more information about the Synod Growth Investment Fund visit the website.

For more on Quakers Hill Uniting Church, visit their Facebook page here.  


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