Preachfest enlivens the craft of preaching

Preachfest enlivens the craft of preaching

Over three days, the inaugural Preachfest conference explored the art of preaching and ways that those tasked with the ancient responsibility might refine their craft.

Taking place in multiple locations, and at church hubs, the event had more than 200 attendees.

Speakers and attendees spanned multiple denominations and countries, with the international keynote speakers including Dr Anna Carter Florence and Rev. Dr Sam Wells.

Preachfest’s list of speakers also included Dr Mike Frost, Rev. Stu Cameron, Rev. Jason Kioa, Rev. Bec Lindsay, Rev. Charissa Suli, Dr Matt Anslow, and
many others.

Common Grace CEO Brooke Prentis spoke about preaching on Indigenous land.

Rev. Ben Gilmour was one of the event organisers. He told Insights that the reception to the event had been positive.

“I have been really encouraging by the feedback I have received from pastors, lay preachers and ministers across our church,” Rev. Gilmour said.

“One person said that they often put preaching as the last thing they did in terms of worship prep but now they are inspired to give it more attention and focus to preaching well. Another Minister said that they found this has been one of the most significant thing UME as organised in years, that has really encouraging ministry and preaching. And others have appreciated how much they have learned from the diverse voices, teachers, and preachers.”

“Preachfest was created to inspire and enliven the craft, art, and vocation of preaching across churches in Australia. I feel like this was a privilege to be a part of lifting the profile and encourage this vital ministry of preaching in  the UCA and beyond. I am very thankful to our 24 preachers and teachers, UME staff, our volunteers musicians.”

“I look forward to see where Preachfest will go in 2022.”

The event’s talks were recorded online and organisers plan to release a few of them.

During the Synod meeting on Saturday, 5 June, Rev. Simon Hansford said that the talks that he heard from Preachfest, “Were exceptionally good.”

“If you want to be inspired and challenged…that’s the way to go,” Rev. Hansford said.

To register to receive digital access to all the sessions from PreachFest 2021, visit the website here.


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