New reflective resource to help people process pandemic

New reflective resource to help people process pandemic

Neighbourhood Matters has developed a new resource to help people reflect on their experiences during COVID-19.

The resource is available to both Christians and non-Christians. It’s called Building Resilience in Covid Times: Wisdom for the Long Haul.

According to Rev. Dr Karina Kreminski, the resource comes after people have shifted their responses to COVID-19.

“18 months later, we are seeing a shift in circumstances and attitudes,” she said.

 “While catching up with a friend recently, she remarked that “COVID has lost its charm”. It was an ironic statement, of course, since a pandemic is never charming. But in the early stages of the pandemic there had been a belief that we could manage the disease; there was a sense of determination that we could bear it because it would soon be over.”

“For many of us, it didn’t seem to be so bad, especially here in Australia. We felt protected. In these last months, however, there has been a shift. We are realising that this virus is here to stay with us for a very, very long time. It’s not that our world is changing but rather that it has already irreversibly changed.”

“What is to be our response in these difficult times? Many are feeling hopeless, depressed, anxious and numb. The pandemic has raised to the surface some of the worst aspects of our human condition: inequality, polarisation, selfishness and apathy. How do we persist in the midst of a disorienting season that most of us have never experienced before? How do we make sure the best of us emerges rather than the worst?”

“There is always hope. God has not abandoned us but is with us. The darkest times have the potential to bring out the best in humanity. We have seen this over the last 18 months as we have encouraged one another through “blessing boxes”, chalked positive messages on footpaths, and practiced acts of kindness in trying times.”

The four-week reflection identifies some of the struggles that people have experienced during the pandemic. It suggests four practices that can help foster resilience in these challenging times. These include, identifying our emotions, meditation, relationships, and courage. While the resource’s developers acknowledge that there are more topics to discuss, they said that these areas are some that need attention right now.

The reflection draws on the Bible’s poetry and wisdom literature, as well as other sources. It is designed to be used during meetings, to provoke discussion.

The four week study topics are:

  • Identifying our emotions:letting grief be our teacher
  • Meditation: Peace in anxious times
  • Relationships:Friendships in a polarised community
  • Courage: Building a resilient community

How to use Building Resilience in Covid Times: Wisdom for the Long Haul

This reflection is designed both for Christians and for those who do not identify as Christians.

Each session is designed for short online or face-to-face interaction and will take about an hour to an hour and a quarter to complete. Each session provides a menu of questions, and groups can decide whether to use them all or only some for discussion. The reflections also suggest actions for individuals to complete in their own time during the week, with the start of each session providing an opportunity to share some of their action steps from during the week.

How to get a copy of the reflection

To get a copy, email and they will send you a copy of the resource with an invoice. The resource costs $8 per person , so include the number of people you expect will use the resource.


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