New hope for real change in the aged care sector

New hope for real change in the aged care sector

In embracing the belief that ‘all people are made in the image of God’ we rethink our approach to all humanity and affirm that all people are afforded dignity and respect.

And of course all people includes those who are elderly and especially the elderly who are often at the margins such as people of culturally and linguistically diverse background, Indigenous people and people who are economically excluded.

It is the reason why the findings and recommendations of the Aged Care Royal Commission, released this week, are so important.

After more than 20 past reviews that have been ignored and left sitting on shelf, there is now hope to believe there is a roadmap for real change across the aged care sector.

If the Royal Commission recommendations are adopted, we will save lives, and we will all have a better chance at being healthy, happy and fulfilled as we age.

Ultimately the most profound difference may well be one of attitude. It is heartening to see the Commissioners and Federal Government both accept that the focus needs to be on the people that the aged care system exists to serve.

We all want an aged care system that provides choice and dignity, where people ae valued for the contribution they have made, and continue, to make to their communities. We want an aged care  system that allows people to live life to the full.

But we are not there yet. 

The Government has provided an initial response to the Royal Commission findings with the full response due by 31 May 2021.

We are hopeful this is the start of a long-term, long-overdue reform process that the Government has promised will deliver generational change to aged care.

But we need your help to keep the Government on track for the kind of transformation to the aged care system that our elders need and deserve.

Our goal in the short term is to prompt the Federal Government to commit to the transformation of the aged care system, beginning with the May 2021 Federal Budget.

The long-term vision is to achieve a sustainable, world-class aged care system that enables all older Australians, and those who care for them, to be valued, have choice and lead a meaningful life.

Please bring your powerful voice to this campaign – this movement for you, your loved ones, our clients and residents and all older people. You can make a difference by encouraging people to sign the petition now at:

Signing this petition will only take a moment. It will generate an email to local Members of Parliament, letting them know that the community wants them to support comprehensive reform of the aged care system.

Please share the website and petition link far and wide so our Government knows all Australians want change. Include it in your newsletter, emails and social media. You’ll find some useful resources on the campaign website.

If you are interested in getting more involved it the campaign as a champion of aged care reform or by organising a workshop for your congregation, you can contact Emma Maiden, Head of Media and Advocacy at :


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