New Great Themes of Scripture

New Great Themes of Scripture

(audio book) Richard Rohr, St Anthony Messenger Press

This is a revised version of a series of lectures given as a retreat/study.

Rohr identifies and explores a series of themes that run through the scriptures and seeks to understand their development and growth through time as humanity grows and develops in understanding and wonder of the revelation of the God in Jesus.

The themes are titled: In the Beginning is the End — overview of method and message; God Needs Images — beyond separateness and shame; Mutual Mirroring — biblical truth as the other; The Stumbling Stone — from requirements to relationship; The Paradox of Power — all hidden things are made known by their opposites; Bearing the Mystery — knowing and not knowing; The Perennial Mistake — beyond vengeance and victim; The Resented Banquet — beyond reward and punishment; Connecting the Dots — the cross as pattern and promise; In the End is the Beginning — mutual indwelling.

I personally find Rohr’s approach interesting and stimulating, and usually need to go through his material a few times to get to grips with it. This is no exception.

I have begun using this in a study with folk in the parish and they are enjoying the challenge; they too need repeat listening.

If you know of Rohr’s work this will put his ideas into a comprehensive context, which will enrich his other works. If you haven’t read much of Rohr this will be either an enjoyable challenge or total bore.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, strongly recommend it, and am still working it through.

Rob Dummermuth


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