Natasha He inducted into Saltbush team

Natasha He inducted into Saltbush team

On 3 February, people braved the heat for Natasha Hee’s induction service at Dubbo Uniting Church. 

Rev. He was inducted into the Saltbush team. 

As part of the NSW & ACT Synod’s vision to cultivate healthy churches, the Saltbush team aims to develop leaders and support smaller Christian communities. 

“The Moderator, Rev. Mata Hiliau delivered a powerful message on the Gospel of Mark 1:29-39,” Rev. He recalled.  
“She reminded us of the importance of being called to serve others and that it is equally important to take a step back, withdraw, and renew ourselves by filling our cups.” 

“It was a wonderful time being in worship and fellowship with my home church, Cecil Gribble Congregation from Dee Why Uniting Church.” 
“I am grateful for the people who were able to attend: Rev Glen Spencer, the Director of Mission, as well as members from across the Synod, Macquarie Darling Presbytery, neighbouring congregations and communities of faith, and the local young Tongan Palms workers. I especially appreciated the generosity and warm hospitality of Rev Mel Graham and Dubbo Uniting Church.” 

Rev. He said she was “thrilled”  to embark on this new journey, working alongside individuals from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds.


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