Mission Australia calls for Christians to help fight hidden homelessness

Mission Australia calls for Christians to help fight hidden homelessness

Mission Australia is asking Christians to take action to address the pressing issue of hidden homelessness during National Homelessness Week (7-13 August).

Every night, more than 122,000 Australians are homeless. Most are facing what’s known as hidden homelessness – living transient lives in insecure, uncomfortable and temporary living conditions like a garage, couch surfing, in an overcrowded dwelling, or temporarily in other places.

The escalating living and rental costs, impact of domestic and family violence, mental health concerns and the severe lack of social and affordable housing – are all factors contributing to Australia’s homelessness and housing emergency.

Every hour, 3,000 people in Australia seek help from homelessness services like those provided by Mission Australia.

During National Homelessness Week, Mission Australia is calling on Christians to give hope to families who need safe housing.

Sharon Callister is Mission Australia’s CEO.

“The face of homelessness has changed,” she said.

“We’re seeing those on the lowest and evenmoderate incomes increasingly being left without an affordable and secure home to live in. And just because someone isn’t homeless now, it doesn’t mean they aren’t struggling and on the brink of homelessness.”

“Today, more and more families are facing huge challenges and distress in isolation, as homelessness increases. As Christians, our role is more important than ever in giving hope to the most vulnerable people in our community.”

To find out more, visit Mission Australia’s website.  


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