James Aaron joins Pulse Team

James Aaron joins Pulse Team

Rev. James Aaron has joined the Pulse team, after working for a short time in a supply capacity. 

He recalled starting the role during a busy time in youth ministry.  

“In a very short space of time, we had a young adult gathering (A very Christmas YAG), heard the voices of Young Adults in Ministry at Preachfest, and gathered about 65 of us for a leadership day and retreat in Gerringong,” Rev. Aaron said. 
“So far the ride has been wild and incredibly uplifting. The stories and lives of young adults across our Synod are inspiring and joyful. To be stepping into this ministry long term is a joy, and a surprise for me.”  

Rev. Aaron said his role involves resourcing and celebrating Uniting Church Young Adults and their ministries.  
“We have some really crazy thoughts that these people are here that we might learn something new about living out our faith, and so learning from their experiences and faithful action in an ever-changing church is renewing and engaging,” Rev. Aaron said. 

“I hope that my part in that is to amplify their voices, to share the space and light, to bring their stories together and help resource them in their paddocks (churches, uni’s, workplaces and so on).”  

Rev. Aaron told Insights he is looking forward to growing cohorts of young adults and leaders across the Synod, “so that we might see communities flourish through sharing their stories.” 
“I am sure that there is so much more yet to uncover in this role and in this space, and that I have only just had a little bit of time to scratch the surface,” Rev. Aaron said.  
“I am passionate about a few things though in any ministry space, including trusting in the call of God on our lives and being about to talk about it, live it, and fall back into it when times get rocky.” 
“I am also passionate about wellbeing, health, and life and ministry in balance. So while a spiritual practice of sitting around and praying has been life changing, so has being in the middle of a busy gym and quieting my soul whilst I move my body. Balance and call, call and balance.” 

“At the end of the day none of this matters if we are not making disciples, so I will keep working, bit by bit to bring that fruit to the table.” 

If you want to find out more about joining a cohort email contact-pulse@nswact.uca.org.au for more information. 


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