X-Men ‘97 trailer releases  

X-Men ‘97 trailer releases  

The first trailer for X-Men ‘97 has finally arrived, more than two years after the show was first announced. 

X-Men ‘97 is a revival of the Fox cartoon that ran from 1992 to 1997. It is based on the comics created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1962.  

The X-Men franchise revolves around a team of superheroes known as ‘mutants’ who were born with powers. The comics, films, and cartoons explore themes involving prejudice, racism, and homophobia.  
In a 2011 Washington Post interview, Stan Lee observed, “In the case of the X-Men, who I incorrectly named because one was female, I wanted to do a strip that would point out the injustice and wrongheadedness of bigotry.” 

The franchise has also been the basis of a series of films beginning in 2000, starring Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, and Sir Ian McKellen. 
X-Men ‘97 was announced in November 2021. The series was first discussed in 2019. 

X-Men ‘97 will stream on Disney+ starting on 21 March 


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