Inter-congregational hospitality and friendship

Inter-congregational hospitality and friendship

On Sunday 29 May 2022, members of Rye Park Uniting Church, Boorowa Uniting Church, and Rye Park Uniting Church met and shared a barbeque lunch.

This event was the latest in a series of events based in inter-congregational hospitality and friendship.

The lunch took place at Lillian and Gary Southwell’s Rye Park property, “Wattle Grove” after poor weather threatened the previous location.

Rye Park Uniting Church and Boorowa Uniting Church have been working together over the past six months on joint services and events. Every fortnight, members of Boorowa Uniting Church worship at Rye Park Uniting Church, and members of Rye Park Uniting Church travel to Boorowa Uniting Church once a fortnight to participate in a church service.

Congregation members say that the joint services have expanded their friendship circles and perspectives.

The Churches decided on a barbeque lunch because there were five Sundays in May (two Sundays spent at Rye Park, two Sundays spent at Boorowa, and one spare).


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