Immersive spiritual and digital ecosystems

Immersive spiritual and digital ecosystems

Review: Spiritual Conversations in the Digital World, Barna Group

One of the biggest challenges faced by Christians is that much of our lives have moved into online spaces.

We spend a lot of time interacting with material online, but there isn’t a way to have meaningful conversations online without them devolving into stone throwing and with many shying away from social media, many Christians avoid online dialogue.

The Barna Group, in association with Lutheran Hour Ministries have surveyed and commissioned a study into the why and how of our digital interactions which has now been published.

Spiritual Conversations contains interviews and case studies and offers helpful insight into online groups and their success and/or failure. The book contains Q&A sections with thought leaders both working, developing and planning online spaces.

“The way we communicate has evolved—and, inevitably, so has the way we communicate about faith,” states Barna’s 2018 report.

As well, it takes a deep dive into issues such as the shifting definitions and practices of evangelism over the last 25 years, with an emphasis on the impact social media has had. It also looks at perceptions of faith sharing and its possibilities.

How much we share of ourselves and our faith remains an ever-present reality for churches moving into complex digital ecosystems, and this book provides a wealth of information about how to be more effective.

Adrian Drayton


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