If the world was about to end …

If the world was about to end …

… what would happen to your faith?

Every week, our Big Picture team takes a look at the pop-culture landscape and let’s us know what’s worth getting into or getting out of.

As scriptwriter Mark Hadley and film reviewer Ben McEachen provide reviews, interviews and other delights on The Big Picture, they also consider how Christian faith intersects with what entertains us.

Two of the biggest school holiday releases — Independence Day: Resurgence and Ice Age: Collision Course — aren’t just high-profile sequels. They also comment upon the place of “faith” in the face of imminent destruction. Does that mean these blockbusters are trying to tell us something more than end-of-the-world spectacle?

Click here to listen in to this week’s full Big Picture program or, to get a tasty idea of what’s in that program, watch the video reviews below.



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