News round-up: July 8

News round-up: July 8

Emoji Bible. Of course

Communicating God’s word is one of the important things God has been about since Adam was a lad in the Garden of Eden. With the rise and rise of digital communication, our world recently witnessed the introduction of God’s word — translated in emojis. Click here to read all about how emoticons and emojis came to rule our 21st Century communications, before you read all about how contemporary communicators are expressing the Bible in tiny, colourful images.



Bridge climb

Outside a Sydney court today (July 8), a man claimed he illegally climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge last month to warn about a “great tribulation”. The 41-year-old man was holding a silver Bible at the court and several media outlets (including the Sydney Morning Herald and have stated that the man claimed to be delivering a message from God.  However, they did not directly quote him referring to God. Instead, he reportedly told the media: “There is a great tribulation coming, so the drama that happened on the bridge is minuscule compared to what’s about to happen in life.”



Frasier makes strong anti-abortion comments

Comedian and actor Kelsey Grammer remains best known to bazillions around the world as Frasier Crane, the sitcom psychiatrist from TV series Cheers and Frasier. But he’s back in the spotlight this week because he again has made strong “pro-life” statements. In contrast to many in Hollywood and around the world, Grammer does not support abortion. “It gets a bit dishonest to call something reproductive rights when you clearly have a choice well before a baby is conceived,” he said in a recent interview. “Little makes me angry, but injustice does.” Interestingly, one of Grammer’s latest roles involves him playing Herod the Great — the Roman ruler who wanted baby Jesus killed (for more, read Matthew chapter 2).



Public appeal to sing the Psalms

A Sydney musician has taken her dreams to the Australian public, calling people to support her aim to record versions of the Psalms. Christie-Lee Pickering is trying to raise the money for a recording session through crowd funding — the popular online way of pitching a project and seeing who will donate to it. Christie-Lee wants to record versions of the Psalms because she wants to help people meditate on God’s word. “What better way to let God’s word ‘dwell in you richly’ than through song?” asks Christie-Lee.



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