Is it time to take your work outdoors?

Is it time to take your work outdoors?

Spending more time outdoors does something significant to us. It can centre us, help us to concentrate and get us into God’s creation.

However, we might only realise this when we actually get out into nature. But when was the last time you or I did that? When did you go on a hike or walk — or even head out into your backyard (if you have one)?

The problem these days is that there just doesn’t seem to be much “time” to be able to get outdoors.

In Australia, though, the ability to take advantage of the great outdoors is often closer than we think. For example, Uniting Venues offers three incredible locations of natural beauty in the Sydney area which can help us reconnect with and be inspired by God’s creation.

Plenty of studies have shown that it can be really good for us to just stand up, close the computer and walk out the door. Recent findings have even begun to demonstrate how the tiniest kinds of engagement with nature delivers a psychological boost.

And if you are worried about suffering from any downtime that you devote to getting outdoors, our modern technology does give us the option of taking our work with us.

“Climb the mountains and hear their good tidings… the winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy,” enticingly wrote the naturalist John Muir – but that’s too rarely an option. Even if you can’t climb mountains, though, merely blurring the boundary between indoors and out may suffice.

Uniting Venues is well aware of the benefits of getting out among the birds and the trees. Every week, Uniting Venues hears from corporations, church and school groups about how much they enjoy taking their work outdoors and into nature.

Uniting Venues has three venues at Elanora (Narrabeen), Naamaroo (in the heart of Chatswood) and North Parramatta. Not only are these venues situated on native bushland, they also are well equipped with all the facilities needed to stay very productive.

Now could be the time your group experienced this for yourselves.

For more information about Uniting Venues, call the Booking Office on 1300 138 125 to see how they can help you.


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