How Christians can respond to a scary world

How Christians can respond to a scary world

With constant news updates on our phones, bad news travels fast.

One moment you’re enjoying a fun night with friends, the next, the conversation takes a turn.  Tragedies like car accidents, shootings, and global conflicts fill the airwaves, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and afraid.

It’s tempting to shut it all out – stop watching the news, unsubscribe from social media. Fear can be paralysing, even for those who find hope in Jesus. 

But here’s the thing: while it’s okay to take breaks from the negativity, hiding from the world isn’t the answer Jesus would want.

The Bible tells us Jesus was deeply compassionate. He wasn’t afraid to be around people who were hurting.  Remember the time Jesus taught a crowd on a mountaintop? He started by acknowledging the suffering of those considered unfortunate – the poor, the grieving, the persecuted. 

Jesus didn’t see them as cursed by God, but as people who needed hope.

Following Jesus means being a light in the darkness.  Imagine a city built on a hill – its light visible for miles, a beacon of hope for travellers. 

That’s what we’re called to be.

But what happens when everyone shuts their windows and hides their lights? Darkness wins.

As followers of Christ, we need to be aware of what’s happening in the world.  This doesn’t mean constantly dwelling on negativity, but staying informed allows us to pray more effectively. 

Hearing about violence, illness, and war should make us uncomfortable.  But instead of letting fear win, let it turn to prayer and trust in God’s plan. 

We can fight injustice, offer hope to those suffering, and support organisations making a difference. 

Fear doesn’t have to control us. 

Let’s choose action over hiding, prayer over paralysis. 

Let’s be the light of Christ in a world that desperately needs it.


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