How can we take bolder action on climate?

How can we take bolder action on climate?

Three critical questions about climate action were posed to congregations for possible contemplation during the Synod meeting session on Saturday 10 April.

Uniting Head of Advocacy Emma Maiden put forward the questions as she presented the Synod Climate Action Strategy report. She asked;

  1. How can we take bolder action consistent with our values, both in advocacy to government and reducing our own emissions?
  • How can we build community across these different demographics of the church – including communities now dependent on fossil fuels?
  • How can we support diversity in leadership on climate action – especially promoting the voices and perspectives of our Pacific Islander communities, First Nation’s peoples and our youth? How can they play a key role in both awareness raising within and advocacy beyond Uniting and the wider church?

The five-page Climate Action Strategy report outlines how progress is being made on 2019 Synod meeting commitments that the church:

• Advocate to all levels of government to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

• Reduce its own emissions across all parts of the church

• Stand with young people in their advocacy on global warming

The report details a range of activities that have taken place over the last two years including;

  • Involvement in student climate strikes and the global Sacred People Sacred Earth initiative
  • The Climate Pastoral Care Conference
  • Development of an Emissions Reductions booklet about behavioural changes
  • A Solar Panel Information evening
  • Climate banner distribution and more
  • The establishment of task groups to implement the strategy

“More than 40 people have been involved in the task groups at some stage,” the report says.

“Some of these are Synod or agency staff, but the majority are members of congregations who have willingly given their time and energy to this work as part of their faith, and the commitment to care for creation which flows from it.”

Erin Lewis from Leichhardt Uniting Church and Christian Students Uniting also spoke about the theological basis for being involved in climate action.

If you would like to be involved in the next phase of the Synod Climate Action Strategy or to find out more, contact:

Ashley Donnelly


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