Hang in there, Sydney

Hang in there, Sydney

As the Delta variant causes havoc with Australia and we all listen to the regular 11am briefings with a mixture of trepidation and anxiety, it is good to know that one person from Melbourne is trying to make us feel good.

As we look at the possibility of opening soon and the worrying issues around who has been vaccinated and who hasn’t, vaccine passports and slowly coming out of lockdown, a business owner from Melbourne, Joey Kellock, is spreading a bit of love.

Kellock is the owner of Melbourne business 1800 Lasagne. With Melbourne going into its sixth lockdown (or is it seventh?) he knows something about what Sydney is going through. So Kellock has upped the ante on neighbourly love and moved his billboards “Hang in there Melbourne” across the border to spread his messages of support to Sydney.

“Hang in there Sydney” sign writing and posters have started appearing around Sydney and were spotted this week by Urban List journalist Tim Piccione.

“I truly was just driven by recognising an opportunity to help. It’s nice when you see something on the street that’s meant for you,” Kellock told The Urban List this week of the posters and the intention behind them.

Paste-up posters have started appearing everywhere in Sydney to demonstrate that despite the fact that our politicians are arguing with one another there is definitely some love shared between Sydney and Melbourne.

Since Kellock couldn’t fly to Sydney himself he partnered with Sydney institution Mary’s in the Inner West where a massive painted “Hang in there Sydney” mural now resides.

A message of community support that comes from the heart is just what Sydney (and Melbourne) needs right now.


2 thoughts on “Hang in there, Sydney”

  1. This would of been nice if it was located in an area that needed the encouragement, rather than trendy and privileged Newtown.

    Seems love for Sydney only extends as far as King Street.

    1. Insights Magazine

      This is a local businessman showing love to his own context.

      To see how others are sharing love to other parts of Sydney, check out our coverage of Parramatta, Bankstown, and Penrith.


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