Global Multi-faith Climate action – Sacred People, Sacred Earth

Global Multi-faith Climate action – Sacred People, Sacred Earth

Uniting Church members and congregations are invited to join a global multi-faith action on climate change.

On 11 March, the GreenFaith International (GFI) Network will publicise a bold multi faith statement calling for a recovery from COVID which will help create a more just world order while tackling the climate crisis. The event is being coordinated in Australia by the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC). You can see an inspiring video of the statement spoken on Facebook here or read it for yourself here.

In support of the statement and to draw attention to it, places of worship around the world are being asked to ‘sound the alarm’ for the climate and call for climate justice as we try to get our economies going in the wake of COVID. Each place of worship will choose its own way to do this: by ringing its bells, by sounding a note on the shofar, calling the Azan, by chanting or even by meditating. Just as long as we make a noise – or even some thunderous silence! We each have our own traditions, but we will be united in one clear message.

Many Uniting Church congregations across the country have started planning on how they will be involved. To find out more about the global multi-faith day of action and express your interest to be involved, here.

ARRCC is also holding some short on line briefing sessions about the event. There is an information and briefing pack to help you get organised.

The next briefing session is on:
Thursday 3 December
7 to 8.15pm Sydney time

After a difficult and disorienting year, with so much unrest and threat of division, this is an opportunity to be united across the globe by our common belief in the preciousness of all people, all life and the earth itself.

Jon O’Brien, Uniting Advocacy team


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