Gen Z are happier than you think

Gen Z are happier than you think

A recent U.S. Gallup survey challenges the stereotype of a gloomy Gen Z. 

While mental health struggles and global issues are real and continue to be a factor in the lives of digital natives, 73% of Gen Z reported feeling happy (25 percent very happy, 48 percent somewhat happy).

The survey suggests a key takeaway: the secret to happiness is having a sense of purpose. Happy Gen Zers were more likely to engage in daily activities they found interesting and meaningful (60 percent vs. 28 percent of unhappy Gen Z).

Another important for Gen Z key factor that was characterised in the survey was feeling like their life mattered which also leads to happiness.  Three out of four reported this feeling, along with nearly half having a clear direction in life.

These findings highlight the link between finding meaning in school or work and overall happiness.

The study underlines the importance of engaging in daily activities that bring a sense of purpose.  Getting enough sleep and relaxation also emerged as factors for happiness. 

Finding meaning and a sense of purpose are valuable takeaways for all generations.


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