Easter messages from around the world

Easter messages from around the world

For many, Easter is more about bunnies and chocolate than about the great miracle that transforms lives.

The Bible Society wants everyone to know about Christ’s atoning sacrifice and how his resurrection can bring newness into their very own life.

The Bible Society has invited friends from around the world to share the Easter story in its “Easter from Around the World” campaign.

Those who sign up will receive daily video emails from March 1, each bringing a scripture reading and points to ponder. Readings come from 31 people in 25 countries, including China, Brazil, and Albania — and from the very part of the world where an empty tomb first revealed a resurrected Christ.

“Easter changed the whole world, so it’s great to hear this Easter message from Christians around the globe,” said Chris Melville, the Bible Society’s Campaigns and Programs Manager.

“I hope the videos help everyone recognise how much of an impact the Easter story has had on lives everywhere.”

“For instance, the very first video comes from the Amity Printing Press in China, which has just printed its 100 millionth Bible! Could there be a better story than that, of the reality of Christ and the Word of God in countries across the globe.”

Those who’ve already signed up for the Bible Society’s Live light in 25 words campaign will automatically receive the Easter emails. Others are invited to sign up at www.biblesociety.org.au/dailybible  and to invite others to do so as well.


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