Do we have a choice about what we watch?

Do we have a choice about what we watch?

The Big Picture – What your kids are watching – Minions from The Big Picture on Vimeo.

School holidays aren’t far away. That means at least one thing — more kids/family movies filling our big screens. Major animation studios Pixar and DreamWorks have released Inside Out and Minions, to tempt your holiday spending. To help you work out what you might spend your money on, Insights provides you with the nifty service of The Big Picture. Every week, movie and TV reviewers Mark Hadley and Ben McEachen discuss what’s out and about, so you can get a better idea of what to check out. And what to avoid.

As you will see when you press play on the Minions video, Mark and Ben also raise the simple but overlooked question: do you HAVE to take your family to watch the latest animated movie? Or, you know, can you decide not to? Sounds easy; often, it’s not as easy it sounds.

There’s also a weekly podcast! Yay! Click here to subscribe.

For more Big Picture videos, including Jurassic World, Mad Max Fury Road and 50 Shades of Grey, click here.


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