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Sixteen years after her death we have the movie version of Diana’s life played with aplomb by Naomi Watts, who looks remarkably like the “people’s princess”. Savaged by British critics, this rather respectful biopic is in the same vein as The Queen. But perhaps, such is the memory of the Princess that anything about her life would have been derided. In this respect, maybe it was too soon.

The film also stars Naveen Andrews as Dr Khan and focuses almost entirely on their relationship. Some of the lighter elements of the film don’t quite come off, but the tightrope Diana walked as a tabloid celebrity dating a very private man is handled well. The inevitable news of her death – lights suddenly snapping on in the windows of a darkened street and the outpouring of grief – are brilliantly handled. “Royalty watchers” (you know who you are) will enjoy this for what it is, a reverent look at the “peoples’ princess”.

Adrian Drayton


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