Despicable Me

Despicable Me

(PG) Voice talents of Steve Carrell, Russell Brand

This excellent animated film is about a grouch called Gru (voiced by Steve Carrell). He also happens to be a super villain with a secret lair in the middle of suburbia, a partner in crime to Dr Nefario and has hundreds of cute minions that do his bidding.

Gru’s latest project — to shrink and steal the moon — runs into a snag due to lack of funding. And the Bank of Evil won’t provide a loan until Gru first shows some progress.

Part of the plan involves stealing a shrink ray but it seems his competitor and super villain, Vector, has stolen it first. What’s an evil mastermind to do?
Gru would do anything to get what he wants. He’d even pretend to be the perfect father to adopt three little orphan girls if it would somehow help him in his scheme — which, in this case, it does.

However what he didn’t bargain on was actually falling in love with the cute Margo, Edith, and Agnes; so he has to make decisions like committing ultra larceny or attending their dance recitals.

To reveal much more would ruin the excellent set-up for this hilarious film.

The animation reminded me a little of The Incredibles and, while it’s probably not up to Pixar’s high standard, its heart is in the right place.

Despicable Me scores extra points for some excellent themes about parenting but ultimately it’s just pure fun.

Adrian Drayton


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