Declutter your phone, declutter your life

Declutter your phone, declutter your life

This is Day two of a five day Infomagical challenge undertaken by the Synod Communications Team. See Day 1: Magical Day.

Day 2: A Magical Phone

Adrian: Hold things close to you and decide if you feel joy. The magic of tidying up digital. The life changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo was a revelation to me. The sensation of touch is actually important and the makers of smart phones know this. Actually taking the step to delete apps I don’t use and organise all the ones I do onto one screen was mildly terrifying at first, but now a week later I am still heartened by my digital uncluttering.
This, coupled with turning off notifications on my phone, has helped give me peace on the way home from work. This exercise turned me into a digital Kondo afficiando.

I found this so satisfying. A clean phone makes me feel joyful. My gadget sparked joy for me today and I don’t feel like it was ruling me, I was taking charge #digitalgoals.


Lisa: Tidying my phone Apps into folders and turning off notifications was scary for me. I put up a great fight not to do it. I mean what if I missed a fabulous piece of breaking news like ‘the president is mad and unstable’.  I put off the task until towards the end of the day when I got ‘app declutter envy’ on seeing the radiant joy emanating from my work colleagues who had successfully completed this task.

When I did it I loved having control over the look of my phone as the apps wobbled and I popped them all the apps into various folders.  Until the next day when I couldn’t find where I had put the weather. Too bad take a look outside I noted to self, ‘it’s not the end of the world’ as I merrily went on my commute to work in my bubble bliss of rising joy.

Rana: I was really looking forward to this task. After deleting apps that I hardly use and putting the rest in a folder, I felt calmer just seeing the empty home screen! Just reducing the visual clutter made a difference.

I then turned off notifications from all the messaging apps – and this I found fantastic as I wasn’t seeing the many messages coming through from the various groups I’m in, and I could check them whenever I wanted to. I felt more in control of the device, and in general felt more free somehow. It felt great and I wondered why I hadn’t done this before.


Melissa: I loved, loved this challenge. It was freeing to see a clear home screen no apps no obligations and no notifications. I was free.

Although I still needed to monitor our social channels on my desktop (that is my job) at least on my phone was buzz free. And when I did have to do a task on the phone, the task was calculated and purposeful. I didn’t get distracted by the multitude of other apps that I needed to check just in case I missed a news item or source.

I think I’ll keep it like this for a while. The picture I chose was also calming and somewhat magical.

Continue the Magical Journey here:


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