Date Night

Date Night

(M) Fox DVD/BD

Marriage problems are funny. At least, they are when experienced by Steve Carell and Tina Fey, two of America’s finest comic talents.

Their active comedy Date Night is kicked into gear by the all-too-common situation of a married couple trapped in a rut of apathy, lethargy and mundane routine.

When his friends announce plans for separation, Phil Foster (Carell) decides to mix it up with wife Claire (Fey) by shifting their mundane “date night” from the suburbs to New York City. To get a table at a pretentious restaurant, they steal another couple’s reservation.

Turns out this couple is trying to extort a mafia boss and his henchmen mistake the Fosters for the real blackmailers. From here, Date Night becomes a loopy, laugh-a-minute race around the Big Apple as the Fosters try to save their skins and their marriage.

Far too many mainstream movies are loaded with unbelievable, irritating or shallow couples you have to force yourself to give two hoots about. But the Fosters’ battle with waning passion and habitual discontent has substance, highlighted when Phil and Claire put the handbrake on during a high-speed chase — so they can have it out.

This marriage counselling session may even provide some advice or techniques for viewers dealing with similar issues. However, we pray you can confront relationship difficulties before you are chased around the Big Apple by murderous goons.

Ben McEachen



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