CTA Easter program looks at issue of forgiveness

CTA Easter program looks at issue of forgiveness

Christian Television Australia’s Easter Special Forgiven People will screen on the Seven Network at 3 pm on Good Friday (except Melbourne where, due to the Good Friday appeal for the Royal Children’s Hospital, the show will stream after 4 pm on www.CTA.tv).

Produced by Melbourne-based producer Vic Campbell and directed by Don Parham, Forgiven People tells the story of three colourful Australians who speak candidly about their dark past and their spiritual journeys towards a more positive lifestyle.

“We had to do some additional editing on the program to ensure it was suitable for the 3pm Good Friday timeslot,” said Executive Producer, Martin Johnson. “The issues raised by the program had to be dealt with in an appropriate manner.

“The Network is now happy with the changes we made and the show will air as planned,” Martin said.

Susan is an ex-bikie chick who led a rebellious life as an adolescent. She recounts her experience of growing up in a dysfunctional family and explains how the supportive nature of Christian groups such as God’s Squad motorcycle club helped her survive to become a wife and mother of three children.

Johno is a former rock drummer who escaped a life of violence in Melbourne’s northern suburbs to pursue his passion for music in a number of successful pub bands. Once an illegal drug abuser, he eventually joined a Christian hard rock band and discovered faith in a forgiving God.

Monique is a creative musician/composer, author and public speaker. A survivor of child sexual abuse, she has struggled to come to terms with her negative past. Her story, while containing elements of sadness and loss of innocence, is one of overwhelming hope.

A strong Christian faith and keen analytical mind have enabled her to deal positively with situations that would have crushed a weaker individual.

Vic Campbell was the winner of SPARC/CTA’s second annual Program Development Prize, which was set up to encourage new producers to create compelling Christian programming.

Forgiven People will screen on the Seven Network at 3pm on Good Friday, March 29 (check local guides).

For more information:  www.christiantelevision.org.au


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