Could you be a digital mentor?

Could you be a digital mentor?

Facilitated by Bidwill Uniting and The Signal Box, the Digital Mentor program is an initiative to build congregations’ digital capacity in Parramatta-Nepean Presbytery.

Being a Digital Mentor involves helping a community to use digital technology. Digital mentors are not technological experts. Instead, the role involves helping and encouraging people through their first steps using computers, mobile devices, and the internet.

Mentors only need a basic understanding of the internet and how to use a few devices. The main skills needed include patience and a willingness to work with others. Mentors are supported with training and ongoing assistance.

The Digital Mentor Program is funded by BeConnected and delivered through The Good Things Foundation. It is an Australia-wide initiative that seeks to empower Australians to thrive in a digital world.

Digital Mentors learn what they need to know for the role in a one-day training session. They are then matched with someone who they will provide support to.

Mentors will be provided with continued support, to inspire and encourage the use of digital technology in their communities.

Workshops cover nine topics:

  • The qualities of a digital mentor
    • The role of a digital mentor
    • Inspiring people to get online
    • Overcoming barriers
    • Basic digital skills
    • Accessibility
    • Online learning resources
    • Facilitating discussions and activities
    • Back to basics

If you’re interested in attending, or would like to know more about the Digital Mentor program, contact Josh Wyatt via .


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