Collaborating, sharing, and working together in remote NSW

Collaborating, sharing, and working together in remote NSW

Uniting kindly donated a refrigerated trailer to Gloucester Uniting Church. The church was able to pass the trailer on in the form of a grant to the Bucketts Way Neighbour Hood Group (BWNG) to help support the groups community endeavours.

The BWNG, having satisfied its requirements for the need of the trailer, kindly returned it to the Church.

The Church soon identified another great charitable cause with a need for a refrigerated trailer; and passed the trailer on to the Uniting Church’s Frontier Services, a Division of the Uniting Church that supports communities in remote areas of NSW. Rev. Phil Matthews, Frontier Services (pictured) thanked Gloucester Uniting Church, Uniting and the BWNG for the generous donation which he will put to good use across the remote areas of NSW that he services.

Bob Tebbet from Gloucester Uniting Church said this is a wonderful example of cooperation and how organisations can collaborate, share, and work together to provide outcomes that benefit and continue to benefit not just a few but many.


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