Cheesy romantic comedy highlights long-running Christmas initiative

Cheesy romantic comedy highlights long-running Christmas initiative

Review: Operation Christmas Drop

Starring Kat Graham and Alexander Ludwig.

Inspired by real life events, Operation Christmas Drop explores a heart-warming initiative that brings supplies, including Christmas gifts, to some of the most remote islands in the world. Taking place in remote islands in the Pacific Ocean near Guam, the initiative has held fast for decades.

In its 69th year, this December has seen the tradition, headed by ‘Brother’ Bruce Best, face new challenges as the US Defence Department prepared much needed supplies carefully to prevent transmission of COVID-19 to the Indigenous people of Guam.

Mr Best, in his role within the USDF with the support of JASDF, and in the past, the Australian and New Zealand Air Forces, has continued to provide these supplies every December.

In addition, he personally provides regular radio updates on current affairs and weather forecasts for these otherwise isolated communities.

“Traditionally, over the years, we try to give them a little taste of the Christmas; some toys and some candy. But we also know that this is the only time of year that they can get substantial supplies all at the one time,” said Mr Best in a 2019 interview about the operation.

“Everyone drops their tools when they hear that rumble and they run to the beach and this is the greatest day of the year.”

While the film is cheesy and the plot involves many clichés native to the Christmas genre, it is worth watching to find out about this act of kindness that means so much to people that are often forgotten.

Operation Christmas Drop is streaming now on Netflix.


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