(MA 15+) Anchor Bay DVD/BD

Dawn, Cara and Tess (Malin Akerman) are foxy assassins sent out of town on one last seemingly easy job by their charismatic boss (Bruce Willis).

Their journey (told in flashbacks) is frequently interrupted by fears, doubts, back story and a creepy multilingual killer (Forest Whitaker) who is trying to beat them at their own game.

Though Whitaker and Willis do well with what they’re handed, the considerable talent on hand within the cast is left largely untapped due to a laboured script and a plot that twists beyond that which can be followed.

The film’s western-style showdown and comic book styling feel well-worn in 2011 and unashamedly Tarantino in the diners, jukeboxes and bloodbath approach.

Catch.44 works as reasonable eye candy but does not bring a whole lot more to the table.

Lyndal Irons


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