Calling for a more just, fair, and sustainable Sydney

Calling for a more just, fair, and sustainable Sydney

Uniting Church members in Sydney are invited to join with other groups in calling for action on cost of living, affordable housing, and climate change pressures in our communities, especially in western and south-western Sydney.

These will be core concerns raised at the Sydney Alliance pre-NSW election Assembly from 5.30pm on the evening of 28 February at Westmead.

Since its inception, the Uniting Church has been active in public advocacy for the common good. It sees this as a core part of its witness and mission in the wider world, part of loving one’s neighbour as oneself. It is no surprise then that the Synod of NSW and ACT became a foundation member of the Sydney Alliance when that movement began in 2011. Uniting, the Synod’s community services and advocacy arm, is also a member, as are several individual Uniting Church congregations.

The Sydney Alliance is a coalition of civil society bodies – community organisations, churches, and other religious groups and unions. Its purpose is to strengthen these organisations’ leadership and work for the common good, to make Sydney a more just, fair, and sustainable city.

Several hundred Uniting Church members have completed the Sydney Alliance core training in community organising.  COVID has thwarted large gatherings more recently, so this Assembly is a chance to reinvigorate public action for the common good, and the Uniting Church’s participation in the Alliance. It’s also a chance for Uniting Church members in the east and north of Sydney to stand with their brothers and sisters in the west and south west.

Many of us are conscious through media or personal contacts, of families and communities adversely impacted by cost of living, housing affordability, the rental crisis and climate change. We are learning more and more how intertwined these issues are. For instance, rising temperatures have seen spiking energy bills and health complications around the state and particularly in Western Sydney. With the NSW Election coming up, we have a chance to make a real impact on the policies and action of the next government in these areas.

The NSW Treasurer Matt Keane (LNP) and shadow Treasurer Daniel Mookhey (ALP) and members of the cross bench are coming to the Assembly. They’ll hear stories directly from community members about their experiences and concerns. They’ll also hear what the Alliance wants them to do about those issues. We want as many people in attendance as possible as it will make our asks harder to ignore, whoever forms government after the election.

An Alliance Assembly is a sometimes tense but often invigorating and passionate event. In it we move from being spectators to being active participants in the political process. We aim to bring about positive change but by being involved we ourselves are changed.

Event details:

Tuesday Evening 28 February, 5:30pm-8:15pm
Catholic Morley Centre, 2 Darcy Road, Westmead

The Morley Centre is a ten-minute walk from Westmead station. Food trucks will be available at the site from 5.30 pm for a prompt Assembly start at 6.15 pm.

You can register for the Sydney Alliance NSW election Assembly here.

If you have any questions or would like more information, contact Jon O’Brien (Uniting Advocacy Team) at or on 0477 725 528.

The Uniting Advocacy Team


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