Blue Plaque at Uniting Quong Tart aged care facility celebrates advocate

Blue Plaque at Uniting Quong Tart aged care facility celebrates advocate

Uniting’s Quong Tart aged care facility now features a Blue Plaque commemorating historical figure Quong Tart and his advocacy and charity work in the 1800s.

Blue Plaques NSW celebrate people and events that shaped a particular community, town, or field of work or study.

Twelve new Blue Plaques are being installed in NSW. They join the 18 already in place.

The Blue Plaque at Ashfield is fixed on Uniting’s Quong Tart aged care facility.

It was originally known as Gallop House, which Quong Tart built in 1890 as a home for his family. He lived there until his death in 1903.

Quong Tart ran tea rooms across Sydney and worked to combat anti-Chinese sentiment. He provided meals to the disadvantaged and supported the arts by hosting concerts and exhibitions.

Quong Tart was widely admired and known for a witty sense of humour. He married an English woman in 1886 and the couple had six children. A Christian, he baptised his children into different branches of the church to ensure none were favoured above others.

Saviour Buhagiar is Uniting’s Director of Seniors Services.

“It’s very exciting for our residents and staff to know Quong Tart’s legacy is being recognised as part of Sydney’s rich cultural and historical heritage,” he said.

“Like Quong Tart, Uniting has a long history of supporting some of the most disadvantaged and marginalised people in our community and we celebrate diversity and welcome all people regardless of their ethnicity, faith, sexual orientation or gender identity.”

For more on Quong Tart and the people behind other Blue Plaques, visit the Blue Plaques NSW Website .


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