Apocalyptic gallows humour

Apocalyptic gallows humour

Review: Second Coming: Only Begotten Son

After a long wait, the new volume of Ahoy’s controversial Second Coming comic is finally available.

When the first volume finished, readers were left with the news that Sunstar (the series’ Superman analogue) was set to become a father.

With a new volume underway, issue one of Only Begotten Son focuses on Sunstar’s background. This takes place via an extended flashback sequence that shows the destruction of his home planet, a parody of Superman’s origin story. As Sunstar’s parents come to grips with the news that their planet will be gone in a few hours, they prepare to send their son to safety, dealing with the news with gallows humour. The humour from the first volume of Second Coming remains prevalent here, with the upcoming catastrophe providing the basis of a number of jokes about social etiquette, people feeling the need to compete with one another, work and a number of other areas.

Mark Russell’s usual sharp scripting is once again evident here. This once again marries nicely with Richard Pace’s artwork, which once again draws on different styles and remains clean and clear.

With the issue focusing as much as it does on Sunstar’s origin story, more of the humour comes from the Superman parody. The Jesus character takes a backseat for this issue, appearing late in the piece. Nonetheless, the issue has a number of themes that Christian readers will resonate with. The way in which people deal with the news of planetary destruction with denial will be familiar to anyone who has watched climate change discourse. The way that Sunstar’s parents make decisions about his future at their own expense shows that parents’ love will be an ongoing theme for Only Begotten Son.

As per usual, the issue has the kind of offensive humour and mild swearing that mean it is recommended for mature audiences and those who are not offended by such content.

Second Coming: Only Begotten Son issue one is available now in comic book shops and online on Comixology.


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