A Celtic Christmas: The Ships That Sailed Vol. 2

A Celtic Christmas: The Ships That Sailed Vol. 2

Tom Kendzia

A short remark about each track: 1. Celtic dance music. 2. Lively Christmas song. 3. Gentle flowing music. 4. Lively Christmas song. 5. Flute and piano, beautiful. 6. Gentle harp music. 7. Celtic dance music. 8. Harp. Soft background music. Can imagine the rivers running in the green valley. 9. Lively Christmas dance music. 10. Harp. Background music. 11. Christmas song that invites nostalgia. 12. Lively Christmas dance. 13. Harp again reminds of the green valleys. 14. Lively dance. 15. CD ends with music that makes your feet itchy to dance along.

This CD has lovely listening music that awakens the nostalgia in you but at the same time keeps you on your feet dancing along. It will be good for background music to a romantic candlelit dinner.

It is a welcome alternative to the traditional Christmas music and is highly recommended for Celtic music lovers.

There is a good variety among the songs but the music can be a bit repetitive. Not top quality but enjoyable to listen to.

Henriette Crause



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