40-Day Journey with Kathleen Norris

40-Day Journey with Kathleen Norris

Kathryn Haueisen, Augsburg

Another wonderful devotional tool. I enjoy Norris’ writing, so this was a great opportunity to learn more from her.

I found the daily format a bit “busy”: a portion of Norris’ writings (too short for me, would have liked a larger chunk), followed by a Bible verse, then silence for meditation (which I would expect only needs to be written in if this was for a group), then questions to ponder, followed by a Psalm fragment, and, yes, then there is more!

More questions for your journal reflection, then prayers and then another prayer for that day and then a section for your notes!

This book would be well suited for a retreat (individual or group) or as a daily prayer/journal group within a faith community, but I found it too bitsy and goal- oriented for daily devotions.

Barbara Allen


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