Mission Australia welcomes new Economic Inclusion Advisory Panel

Mission Australia welcomes new Economic Inclusion Advisory Panel

Community groups have welcomed the Federal Government’s commitment to create a new Economic Inclusion Advisory panel.

Led by the Treasurer and Social Services Minister, the Economic Inclusion Advisory Panel will comprise experts, advocacy groups, and peak bodies.

Mission Australia’s CEO Sharon Callister said that the news is welcome as skyrocketing cost-of-living pressures and rents continue to hurt people and families on the lowest incomes most.

“This Panel is a great step towards ensuring the Government can take heed of direct, expert advice on the links between inadequate income support and poverty and homelessness in Australia,” she said.

“Drawing together a range of experts to advise on this important issue will improve the decision-making process and I congratulate the Albanese Government and Senator Pocock on this outcome. It’s important the experts chosen include people with lived experience of poverty, homelessness and income support.”

“We anticipate the Panel will highlight the struggle of many people and families who rely on JobSeeker and other payments to pay for life’s essentials.”

“JobSeeker is currently just $48 a day. As people grapple with rising cost of living and rents going through the roof, no one can survive or get back into work on this meagre rate. We know through our work with people receiving JobSeeker that many simply can’t afford stable housing, regular meals, bills, transport to interviews and appropriate clothing.”

“They are often left with no other choice but to turn to charities like ours for emergency relief to make ends meet.”

The panel will be independent and legislated.


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