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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

There is an external battle between man and ape, but ultimately the potential evolutionary and environmental underpinnings are defused by deeper, internal messages of forgiveness and family…

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Pilgrims of Hope

Pilgrims of Hope

The Church’s vision for the future depends in part on our corporate memory of where we have been. It is not a litany of success stories but the account of the Church’s fallible faithfulness, told warts and all.

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The Lunchbox

It’s a simple and effective setup and The Lunchbox is perfectly handled and beautifully acted.

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The Drop

Putting the violence and the language to the side, The Drop is a well told story of sacrifice and care for others.

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Jersey Boys

For those of us caught up on the musical world that was the the ‘60s, the soundtrack accompanying the story will bring back the memories of such hits that seem to have remained in tack within the four seasons of our lives…



Seeing things with new ‘Kingdom eyes’

Thank you to everyone who was involved in the recent Synod meeting. From my perspective the event went really well.


Excitement abounds!

What an exciting Church we are! What an amazing experience we’ve had over recent days!


Soapbox: What’s authority got to do with it?

Espousing the values of uniting for the common good is one thing but practicing it is quite another. It is safe to say that we have yet to learn how to dispossess individual interests in the service of the common good.