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The Maze Runner

Unfortunate comparisons to The Hunger Games juggernaut are inevitable and to date the genre has been almost exclusively dominated by those stories set in distant dystopian futures.

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The Giver

The beauty of the story is like watching a painting slowly appear on a canvas. Jonas has to make decisions about what to do with these new truths.

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Wish I Was Here

One cannot doubt the earnest sincerity of the film, and despite its moments of pretention and its woe-is-me protagonist, there are some interesting thematic explorations in the movie…

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The story of the turtles and their rat leader/father, Splinter, mutating due to a science experiment is told with a new spin for modern audiences.

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The Cuckoo

The Cuckoo is a rather odd book; it’s a picture book but the language is not chosen for pre-school children…



Soapbox: Where did the joy go?

So, in your Congregations, Church councils and small groups, I ask you to talk about, “where is your joy?”


Soapbox – For me to follow Jesus

When I was first persuaded of the merits of this Jesus character it was by a committed group who belonged in the Evangelical camp.


Get ready for action. Synod is coming.

Whenever we feel we are struggling with inadequate resources; that our numbers are small; that our frailty is showing, it is here that we are required to bring what we have; to do what we can, and to trust Jesus for the rest.