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Those familiar words of John Newton’s hymn “Amazing Grace” feature large throughout the film and although Newton’s experience as the captain of a slave vessel in 1748 forms part of the screenplay, the movie is also about another man who also searches for freedom…

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier

If there’s one thing the Cap can do better than any other superhero, it’s represent the patriotic soul of America – he is the literal flag-waving patriot to end all patriots…

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God’s Not Dead

Perhaps the most alarming part of this film is that while the set up may seem totally incredulous, it is based on actual legal cases…

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The Hundred-Foot Journey

It is the rivalry and then friendship between Papa and Madame Mallory that is most endearing, with Helen Mirren and Om Puri sharing wonderful on-screen chemistry.

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Begin Again

Begin Again is not as artistically aspirational as its characters are. It prefers to engage in some mainstream Hollywood feel-goodery.



‘Follow Me’ to Synod 2014

In all of this preparation and buzz, it’s important to remember that the Christ is always ahead of us preparing the way and that the way that he prepares is a particular one…


Sometimes when it rains it shines

While I don’t recommend a lack of planning, it’s nice when, having been caught unprepared, something unexpected happens to both save and make our day…


Who is your neighbour?

Jesus was famously asked: “Who is my neighbour?” by a lawyer who wanted to ‘justify’ himself before Jesus. It results in Jesus telling the most amazing parable of the Good Samaritan…