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Guardians of the Galaxy

The film is out and out fun. Gunn manages to unashamedly take from films of an earlier era and honour them with a fresh spin…

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You cannot deny the quality of the filming and acting, but this has to be one of the darkest depictions of the human condition in recent cinema…

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Pompeii attempts to be Gladiator meets Titanic, but where both of those films succeeded in connecting with audiences on a human level…

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Charlie’s Country

David Gulpilil’s performance as Charlie is the heart and soul of this film. It has been rightly earning critical praise around the world, including winning Best Actor at this year’s Cannes Film Festival…

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All is Lost

Where a more insecure actor may have given into the temptation to overact, Redford maintains an incredible subtlety. Our man is stoic and unemotive, which makes those moments when his resolve does break all the more powerful…



Who is your neighbour?

Jesus was famously asked: “Who is my neighbour?” by a lawyer who wanted to ‘justify’ himself before Jesus. It results in Jesus telling the most amazing parable of the Good Samaritan…


A problem of the heart

There are times when the Uniting Church’s commitment to being a witness to the inclusive love of Jesus Christ, and standing with the weak, vulnerable and marginalised, takes us into unfamiliar and confronting territory…

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The elephant in the room

Research into theology and the Bible is vital for a church moving forward. But it can often lead to challenging re-assessments of faith for the researchers. It is exciting but dangerous territory.