Yurora Highlights: Day 3 & 4

Yurora Highlights: Day 3 & 4

Day 3

By day 3 Yurora was in full swing! In session breaks attendees were able to lounge on beanbags, have a picnic at the village green, swim, play tennis all the while meeting and talking to new people.

Bible Studies

International guest Rev Dr Julian Hamilton from the Methodist Church in Ireland led one of the eight bible studies. Jools’ Bible studies focused on engaging ‘the other’ – what does it mean to embrace the other in a search for transformation? How can culture really be shifted and shaped by young people of faith to dream God’s dream for the planet?

Cultural Understanding

Reconciliation – a chat with Scott Darlow

Scott Darlow is an Australian singer/songwriter based in Melbourne, Victoria. This session was an intimate conversation about Indigenous culture in Australia throughout history. Scott is particularly proud of his Aboriginal heritage and is an ambassador for Indigenous culture. He speaks to students about Indigenous culture and challenges them to help facilitate reconciliation and understanding.

Understanding gender/sexuality*

This was a contemporary look at our gender (identity and expression), our sexuality (biology/orientation) and everything in between! As well as discussing all the letters of the LGBTIQA+ acronym and how this intersects with our faith. This session was led by Damien Stevens, Community Development Worker, Kildonan UnitingCare.


The Aboriginal dance group Dusty Feet Mob conducted a dance workshop as well as performing moving routines that told stories about Aboriginal culture.

Other performances included Jai Waetford (X Factor), Scott Darlow and Dismantle the Sky.

Snap of the day:



Day 4 

Bible Studies

Rev Charissa Suli is currently serving at Dapto Uniting Church and is also the leader of the Tongan National Conference 2nd Gen Task Group. Charissa is passionate about helping the next generation find their true purpose and to help them experience the love of Christ when the world says you are not good enough to be loved.  Her bible study session took youth on a journey to discover, deepen, celebrate and act upon their Yurora.


2nd Gen Multicultural Festival & Multicultural Worship Rally

Australia is home to a diverse community this is especially seen in the Christian community. Coming from different cultures and backgrounds the way we worship may differ but the word of God is constant. This was highlighted at the multicultural festival and worship rally. Song, dress and ‘good news’ messages shared, showed how vibrant a worship celebration can be. The Multicultural Worship Rally was led by Chermside Kedron Uniting Church minister Rev Fa Matagi and musician Scott Darlow.


Chasing Asylum Screening and Discussion

CHASING ASYLUM exposes the real impact of Australia’s offshore detention policies and explores how ‘The Lucky Country’ became a country where leaders choose detention over compassion and governments deprive the desperate of their basic human rights. The film features never before seen footage from inside Australia’s offshore detention camps, revealing the personal impact of sending those in search of a safe home to languish in limbo.



The Talent Show and Lip Sync Battle encouraged attendees to step out of their comfort zone and express themselves creatively.

Snap of the day:


For more photos head to the official Yurόra Facebook page.


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