Your say: Stateless Man still in detention

Your say: Stateless Man still in detention

In July 2021, I wrote about a man in Villawood Immigration Detention Centre, Mr Imasi Said (he has also been named as Imasi Yousef). Imasi is a stateless man, as he is not sure where he was born nor how old he is. He was abandoned by his mother as a young child and has no knowledge of who his father is.

Consequently, Imasi was trafficked as a child slave right through to his late teenage years. As a stateless person he has no citizenship or country that he can call home, he has now been held in immigration detention in Australia for close to 13 years, he continues to wait for sanctuary and citizenship.  Imasi has exhausted all avenues via the courts to be released into the community without success.

As I wrote in 2021, Imasi is a very smart person and he would make a very positive contribution to Australia if given a chance. There is also a significant cost to taxpayers in keeping Imasi locked up in detention, he is a good person and it is high time that he is given his freedom.

He continues to be held in detention awaiting to be released, he has done no wrong but is treated worse than a convicted prisoner, who at least do have the opportunity to undertake courses and know how long they will be imprisoned for.

How can we help? As I said last year, people power can work and this is clearly demonstrated with the Nadesalingham family, affectionately known as the Biloela family.  

To make Imasi’s story known, post to social media, write letters, send emails, make phone calls to your Federal Member and to the Minister for Immigration,  the Hon. Andrew Giles: His office can be called on  (02) 6277 7770.

Geoff Lattimore


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