Four great reasons to choose paperless statements

Four great reasons to choose paperless statements

Opting in for paperless statements is not only good for the planet but can bring a raft of other benefits, from increased security to added convenience. If you have been putting it off, here are some good reasons to make the switch.

1. Save the trees

According to the Rainforest Action Network, between 3.5 billion and seven billion trees are cut down each year to make paper and other products. This is leading to a loss of biodiversity and reducing the amount of carbon absorption by trees, which is in turn contributing to climate change.

Paperless statements not only help the environment by reducing the amount of paper we use – they also help to cut down on the pollution that results from printing and transporting paper letters, providing a simple way to have a significant impact on the environment.

2. No more filing

Filing and storing paperwork is a cumbersome job that few of us relish. The good news is that paperless statements let you say farewell to the clutter.

In our online platform, Uniting Online, we store statements dating back to 2014, making it easy for you to refer to, download or print your statements at a later date if you need to.

3. Keeping your information safe

With cases of identity theft on the rise, switching to paperless statements could also help to reduce the risk of your information being intercepted by mail thieves.

E-statements are stored securely behind your financial services provider’s security system, with advanced encryption protocols. This helps to keep your personal information, such as customer investment and facility numbers, safer.

4. Signing up is easy

If you are interested in reducing your carbon footprint and cutting back on paper, opting in is simple. Simply email our Partner Solutions and Support team at or call us on 1300 133 673 to find out how.

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Shannon Kong, Head of Partner Solutions and Support, UFS


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