World Vision and Ken Duncan launch inspiring book for Mother’s Day

World Vision and Ken Duncan launch inspiring book for Mother’s Day

World-renowned landscape photographer Ken Duncan and World Vision Australia will launch their inspiring book Vision of Hope: Mother & Child that celebrates the special bond between mothers and children around the world.

The launch events will take place at the Ken Duncan Gallery in Sydney and Melbourne on April 16 and 17 respectively.

World Vision Australia chief executive Tim Costello said the moving book of photos and short stories was a tribute to women all over the world and in particular the women in our own lives.

“Mother’s Day is a time we stop to appreciate our mothers and the women we know for their unlimited love and support and also say thank you for the thousands of small gestures and numerous tasks they routinely do for us,” Mr Costello said.

Vision of Hope: Mother & Child is an uplifting collection of images by Ken Duncan and fellow photographers Luke Peterson, Steve Fraser and Meg Hansen who travelled to rural and urban communities with World Vision to photograph everyday people touched by poverty.

From Bangladesh, Bolivia, Ecuador, India, Mongolia, Senegal to the Pilbara in Australia, the book showcases World Vision’s work empowering communities and families to break the cycle of poverty.

The photographers generously donated their time and expertise to the project and the proceeds from the book will go to help World Vision’s development work around the world.

Ken Duncan is best known for his remarkable collection of panoramic images of Australia and his iconic photography for Midnight Oil’s Diesel and Dust album. He has published more than 50 books worldwide, worked for National Geographic and Rolling Stone magazines and photographed The Passion of the Christ film.

This is the second book that Ken has created with World Vision Australia. The first was published almost 20 years ago when he photographed World Vision’s international projects in some of the poorest countries on earth.

Ken Duncan said seeing such depths of poverty for the first time and hearing the heartbreaking stories of the people he met had been life-changing.

“Those first trips that I took with World Vision opened my eyes about global poverty and put my own life into perspective,” Mr Duncan said.

In 2010 Ken visited the urban slums of India with World Vision Australia chief executive Tim Costello. Amazed by the fortitude of the women he met, Ken decided it was time for a new book, this time honouring the role of women.

“Mothers are the ones who do the majority of the nurturing and this book gives you a glimpse of the bond that mothers and children share around the world,” Mr Duncan said.

“It’s not a book full of sorrow, it’s a book of people with incredible stories who make you realise what you can do to bring about change – it’s a book of hope.

“While photographing landscapes is my passion, the opportunity to share the stories of these women is an important way I can use my photography and publishing skills to raise money for World Vision’s amazing work.”

Mr Costello said thanks to the support of Australian child sponsors, World Vision worked to increase the economic empowerment of women as study after study proves that when you educate a woman you educate a community.

“I’ve travelled the world and met women from many walks of life and the special bond between mother and child is the same all over the world.

“Yet it’s important to remember the level of access to essential education, healthcare and nutrition for women can be worlds apart and this is where we can help.

Vision of Hope: Mother & Child shows how mothers and children in need can be empowered to improve their own circumstances and inspires us to get involved in helping to create change in poor communities.”


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