Working with Children Week is 21–27 June 2021.

Working with Children Week is 21–27 June 2021.

This year, NSW will celebrate the first Working with Children Week in recognition of the thousands of people who contribute to the lives of children in education, sports, arts and community organisations. 

In recognition of Working with Children Week, the Office of the Children’s guardian is hosting a free webinar on 23 June. The webinar will assist church councils in understanding their obligations with Working with Children’s Checks in NSW. A Working with Children Check is mandatory for any individual in NSW involved in child-related work under NSW legislation.

The Synod Background check policy states that the following people must have a valid Working with Children’s Check (NSW) or Working with Vulnerable People’s Check (ACT)

  • All ordained ministers or individuals engaged as religious leaders or Church Councillors, must undergo a Working with Children Check regardless of whether they engage in face-to-face contact with children (or vulnerable people (ACT).
  • All individuals seeking to engage in child-related work (or children and vulnerable people (ACT) this includes all SRE Teachers, any person engaged in a program with children or youth, even if they only support the program in serving refreshments.

We suggest that if you are in NSW, all those responsible for Safe Church compliance in your congregation as well as church council members should register for the free webinar.

The webinar covers the following topics:

  • What is a WWCC and who requires one
  • What is a verification and why is it important
  • Understanding the results of a WWCC verification 
  • What are your organisations responsibilities as a child related employer
  • WWCC record keeping
  • How does the Compliance team make sure employers are doing the right thing
  • Over reliance on the WWCC   

The OCG offers two time slots for the webinar. To register, click on one of the links below.

Check the Check – Free WWCC Compliance webinar from 10AM to 11AM – NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian

Check the Check – Free WWCC Compliance webinar from 6.30PM to 7.30PM – NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian

The webinars are only relevant to congregations who operate in NSW. However, in the ACT, Working with Vulnerable People (WWVP) Checks and registration are mandatory for any individual in the ACT involved in regulated activities with vulnerable persons. A summary of requirements for the ACT can be found on the Safe church website.

For further information on Safe Church matters please check out the new Safe Church website or email the safe church unit


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