With Love to the World Is in Good Hands

With Love to the World Is in Good Hands

For forty-five years With Love to the World has done an amazing job of producing a high-quality Bible reading and devotional booklet. And now available as an App, its spiritual impact on thousands of readers in Australia and overseas has been enormous. The work of With Love to the World is done by a small and effective committee without being a financial burden on the wider Church. As Dr Peter Butler notes in his final Editor’s report, With Love to the World is a “little pearl” of the Uniting Church.

One of the reasons for the success of With Love to the World has been the commitment, professionalism and continuity of its editors: the Rev. Shirley Maddox served as editor for at least twenty-five years, Dr Peter Butler for 16 and both set high standards and gave the organisation stability. Since 1 July the Rev. Dr John Squires has taken on the role of editor.  John brings a unique set of gifts to the job which we believe will continue our tradition of first-class editors.

John is currently working on the first issue that will come out under his guidance: Vol. 16, No. 9, which will include commentaries on passages for the seasons of Advent and Christmas, as well as most of Epiphany. John said, “I quite enjoy receiving sets of commentaries from different writers for each fortnight. Reading the range of approaches taken and perspectives offered on the texts enriches my understanding of scripture, and deepens my own life of discipleship.”

The role of Editor means working three to six months in advance. “At the moment”, John continued, “I am editing material for the Advent and Christmas issue, preparing the opening pages for the Lent and Easter 2022 issue, and thinking about who can be invited to contribute to the Pentecost 2022 issue. I enjoy both the attention to details and the medium-term planning that this requires.”

The hardcopy version of the next issue of With Love to the World will be delivered to subscribers early in November. The commentaries can also be accessed from the WLW App (go to your App store and download it). There is also a website for With Love to the World with articles that complement and expand the regular issues; go to our website and have a browse!

Rev. Dr William W. Emilsen

Acting Chairperson, With Love to the World Committee


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