Window Meetings keep Uniting residents connected

Window Meetings keep Uniting residents connected

Uniting Mingaletta Port Macquarie is using an innovative approach to ensure residents can still connect with their loved ones during lockdown.

Window meetings started on 7 April so that families can still interact with residents, with a safe glass barrier between them.

Tracey McInnes is Uniting Mingaletta’s leisure and wellness coordinator. She told local newspaper PortNews that the initiative meant that residents could still see their loved ones and catch up.

“It’s emotional for us too,” Ms McInnes said.

Residents sit on chairs inside the centre during the meetings, and talk to their visitors, who are outside.

The parties are provided with mobile phones so they can talk despite the glass barrier.

The aged care centre has been in lockdown on account of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Ms McInnes, this has been hard on families at points.

Residents in the centre still meet in small groups, and abide by social distancing requirements.

Ms McInnes said the residents at the aged care centre are in great spirits and are already very resilient.


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