Why faith and holiness still matter

Why faith and holiness still matter

Life’s journey can often be a rollercoaster of highs and lows, with challenges that can shake even the strongest of foundations. In these moments, it’s easy to feel tempted to give up on faith and the pursuit of holiness. However, there are compelling reasons why we shouldn’t abandon these essential aspects of our lives.

Finding Meaning in Chaos

Life has a way of throwing curveballs when we least expect it. Whether it’s the loss of a loved one, a sudden career setback, or a personal struggle, these challenges can leave us feeling lost and hopeless. It’s during these times that faith can serve as an anchor, providing a sense of meaning and purpose even in the midst of chaos.

Faith gives us a lens through which we can interpret the events of our lives. It helps us believe that there is a higher purpose guiding our journey, even when circumstances seem dire. Embracing faith doesn’t mean denying the difficulties we face; rather, it empowers us to confront them with resilience and the knowledge that we are not alone in our struggles.

Staying Grounded in Values

Holiness is often associated with leading a virtuous life and adhering to moral principles. In a world that sometimes seems to prioritise personal gain over empathy and kindness, the pursuit of holiness keeps us rooted in values that transcend material success.

When we strive for holiness, we commit ourselves to a life of integrity, compassion, and empathy. These qualities not only enrich our own lives but also have a positive impact on those around us. By holding onto holiness, we become light in a world that can sometimes feel shrouded in darkness.

Building Resilience Through Challenges

Challenges and setbacks are inevitable parts of life, but they don’t have to define us. Faith and holiness provide a framework for building resilience in the face of adversity. They teach us that setbacks are not the end of the road; they are opportunities for growth, learning, and transformation.

Faith encourages us to believe in our capacity to overcome obstacles, even when the odds seem stacked against us. Holiness, on the other hand, reminds us that our responses to challenges matter just as much as the challenges themselves. Through faith and holiness, we develop the inner strength needed to navigate life’s storms with grace and dignity.

Fostering Connection and Community

Humans are inherently social beings, and our connections with others play a crucial role in our well-being. Faith and holiness provide a platform for fostering deep connections and building a sense of community.

Faith-based communities, whether they are churches, synagogues, mosques, or other places of worship, offer a space where individuals can come together to share their experiences and values, support one another, and find solace. These communities become like extended families, providing a sense of belonging that can be hard to find elsewhere.

Holiness also encourages us to treat others with respect and kindness, fostering relationships that are built on genuine care and understanding. By embracing holiness, we create a ripple effect of positivity that extends to those around us, enhancing the quality of our connections and the communities we belong to.

In a world where skepticism and cynicism sometimes take centre stage, it’s easy to question the value of faith and holiness. These aspects of life offer us profound gifts that can guide us through our most challenging moments. They provide us with a sense of purpose, a compass for our values, the resilience to overcome adversity, and the connections that make life meaningful.

As we navigate the twists and turns of life’s journey, let’s remember that faith and holiness are not outdated concepts; they are timeless sources of strength and inspiration. By embracing them, we empower ourselves to rise above challenges and lead lives that are filled with purpose, integrity, and a deep sense of connection. So, let’s not give up on faith and holiness, for they hold the keys to unlocking a life of meaning and fulfillment.


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