What your kids should not be watching…

What your kids should not be watching…

Warning: the latest Batman movie is not what your or your children think it is.

You can watch Mark’s preview below of Batman: The Killing Joke, as he explains why this movie spin-off of a popular animated TV series for kids is, well, not for kids. Repeat: not for kids.

Mark gave this word of warning to parents, caregivers and their kids during the latest round of The Big Picture.

Every week, Mark and fellow film reviewer Ben cover all things pop-culture, from a Christian perspective. Also below you can see Ben’s review of Jane Austen adaptation, Love & Friendship, or Mark’s personal picks for Top 5 Star Trek Moments.

As they cover the wide galaxy of entertainment, Ben and Mark strive to help us enjoy and consider things… to the glory of God. Cool, right?

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1 thought on “What your kids should not be watching…”

  1. Fair warning, but it is not a spin off of the Batman animated series and has never been aimed at kids. It’s an adaptation of an old Alan Moore story (which Moore has disowned since then).

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