What you need to know this week

What you need to know this week

Hillsong movie to hit cinemas on October 6

Arguably, the most popular Christian band on the planet is Hillsong United. Formed out of the high-profile Australian pentecostal church, Hillsong United is so massive it even has its own movie. Let Hope Rise is a documentary about the band’s career — and it is finally being released at Australian cinemas. Long delayed due to creative disputes and other issues, Let Hope Rise will soon be at a cinema near you.



Prayer raises dead man to life

You might find this hard to believe but an American missionary has reported how a dead man in “Southeast Asia” came back to life, after Christian villagers prayed over his body. This incredible story also involves the Asian village having only recently received the good news of Jesus — which they previuosly had never heard of.



Christianity is world’s most persecuted religion

The International Day of Peace happened this week, but so did a Vatican official informing the United Nations Summit for Refugees and Migrants in New York about the extent of Christian persecution. “Many reports confirm that Christians are by far the most persecuted faith group… We must not abandon them,” implored Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin.



Young people don’t want hip pastors

Attention-grabbing headline, isn’t it? That’s the headline of a fresh story published on Christianity Today, and it quotes research from a survey of American churches. Across 20 denominations, 250 Congregations and four years, the research indicates younger people actually want “substance rather than style” in their Christian leaders.



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