What you need to know about Rogue One

What you need to know about Rogue One

The world premiere of the biggest movie of 2016 happens on Saturday. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will launch in LA, finally revealing what millions around the world want to know — what is it all about?

Before Saturday, though, The Big Picture team brings you up to speed on Rogue One, including how the Dark Side and A New Hope are in store.

After the worldwide success of The Force Awakens, this year we get the first “anthology” films which delve into the hidden stories within this complex universe. This means Rogue One doesn’t involve key franchise characters – with the exception of Darth Vader. The film is set between Episodes III and IV and is based on the information given to the Tie Fighter pilots as they prepared to take the Death Star in A New Hope (Episode IV) about the Bothan spies who sacrificed their lives to obtain the plans to the Death Star.

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What we know about the story is that it is about a character called Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) a rebel whose father was integral in the building of the Death Star.  Jyn is sought by the Rebels to infiltrate the ranks of the Empire with a band of soldiers to steal the plans.

The fate of the band of freedom fighters could be sealed if we take the brief description of their sacrifice in episode IV as a guide, but subsequent trailers for the film have revealed some other interesting details and plot points about the characters and the film.

One major plot point is that Jyn maybe in possession of a force stone that is integral to the building of a Jedi Lightsaber.

No doubt all these details and more will be revealed on 15 December.


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